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Average jigsaw puzzles are boring, so we made one that’s not.

Black Jigsaw Puzzle
Black Jigsaw Puzzle
Black Jigsaw Puzzle
Black Jigsaw Puzzle
Black Jigsaw Puzzle
Black Jigsaw Puzzle

Black Jigsaw Puzzle

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Due to very high demand for our puzzle we recommend back-ordering to ensure you get a puzzle before we run out of stock again!

Some people call our puzzle the ultimate training grounds for any future sky sections... others call it an inhumane psychological experiment. Truth be told, we just wanted to create a puzzle that would give nana and her 300 piece cat portrait a run for her money.

  • Product details

    Pieces: 1000 unique pieces

    Finished Size: 70cm x 50cm || 28inch x 20inch

    Time to complete: How crazy are you?

    Includes puzzle solution guide.

  • No missing piece guarantee

    It is incredibly important to us that when you purchase a puzzle you receive all the pieces in the box. If for any reason you are missing pieces upon completing your puzzle we will send you out the missing piece(s).

    All you need to do is email us a photo of the finished puzzle with your order number and we will send the exact piece(s) missing! Click here for more information.

    Don’t forget to check under or around the area you were solving the puzzle first… they have a secret talent of being able to fall under the table without us noticing (we’ve all experienced the relief of finding a piece we didn’t know we were missing).

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    Europe: 6 - 10 business days.

    Japan: 4 - 10 business days.

  • FAQs

    How many pieces are in the jigsaw puzzle?
    Our black jigsaw puzzle has 1000 pieces.

    Are the puzzle pieces the same?
    No, each piece in the jigsaw puzzle is it's own unique shape, so there is only one correct place for each piece to go. 

    How long does the puzzle take to complete?
    How crazy are you? The puzzle can be completed in as short as a day or as long as a few months depending on how you approach solving it. It really is up to you to decide how quick or slow you solve it!

    Does the puzzle come with a guide to help solve it?
    Yes, with every order we include a guide that you can use to help you solve the puzzle. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to use it. And yes, customers have completed the puzzle without the guide. Crazy, right?

    How do I complete the puzzle?
    Single colour puzzles differentiate themselves from normal (boring) puzzles because you can't rely on the 'image' of the puzzle to solve it. With any jigsaw puzzle we suggest getting started with the border pieces will get 126/1000 pieces out of the way. From there, it's up to you in how you solve it. Here are some suggestions for possible ways to solve it:

    Group the pieces by the number of tabs and holes.

    Group the pieces by the size of the pieces and solve similar sized pieces.

    Connect the largest pieces together and solve around them.Follow the puzzle guide and search for each piece (this is still very difficult and time consuming).

    To see our full FAQs, please click here.

One colour

One colour

One solution

One solution

1000 pieces

1000 pieces

No missing pieces guarantee

No missing pieces guarantee

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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